Xpose Hope exists to love dancers, bouncers, bartenders, and others in the adult entertainment industry. We hope to offer love, compassion, and services to those who need it and a smile to those who don’t.

Our message is not that the industry is “bad”, it is that we don’t care what your occupation is--we love you, and most important-- God loves you! Some of us have even been dancers and prostitutes!

What to expect when inviting Xpose Hope into your club.

The ladies from Xpose Hope will drop in about once a month, bringing small gifts and hugs. A lot of clubs prefer that we just drop these gifts in the dressing room. We don’t mind helping girls zip into their costume, or holding a curling iron.

We don’t stay long--we know the dancers are busy, but we do want them to know that we care, and we want to be there if they have needs.

What types of needs? 

We have provided services for dancers such as: assisting with emergency lodging and financial distresses, throwing baby showers and wedding showers. We might provide Easter dinners, Christmas parties, educational activities (like how to choose a photographer) or fun summer picnics for their kids and themselves--Safe activities, with no judgment, no sideways glances.

Xpose Hope affiliates with local service agencies that can assist with food and clothing needs, counseling services, emergency housing for domestic violence victims, etc.

We also help clubs. 

We remodeled the dressing room of an area club, from top to bottom, in under 12 hours. This was our gift to the club and the ladies who work there.

Xpose Hope provided certified trauma counseling at no cost for employees of a club here in Portland when it experienced the murder of an employee. You can call us in an emergency, and many times civil authorities will call us instead of taking a girl to jail who clearly just needs a friend to diffuse the situation.

It is not our job to get the girls out of their occupations.

It is our job to love them where they are and provide support, services, and just a hug. Our gifts are just reminders that we care. We will never demean dancers, bouncers, bartenders or managers or suggest they are anything but amazing. When they are down, and life is hard, we want them to have someone to call upon.


Club owners and managers, please let your employees know that we are there to support them.

Xpose Hope official outreach team T-shirts

You will know our team by their t-shirts. 

While we sell our logo applied shirts on our website, our team t-shirts are burgundy, and they have not only our tagline but also our logo and the word TEAM on them. While we do wear a zipped hoodie with just our logo to a few clubs, most clubs will know us by our t-shirts. We will always arrive (unless we post it on our Facebook or Instagram) on the first Saturday of the month.

Groups who arrive with gifts at other times are not Xpose Hope unless that visit was prearranged by our executive director.

You can also contact us if you have a girl whose car breaks down, or who has a need that your club can’t really provide. We do hospital and jail visits. We are volunteers, but we will do our best to provide hands-on assistance.


In an emergency, we want to be there, for support, compassion and love.  Call us anytime!