From the industry members

Read more about what club owners, managers and dancers have to say about the Xpose Hope Organization.

I would not have found God and realized he wanted to know me if it weren’t for the women at Xpose Hope.
— Dancer
Picture of industry member with feedback on working with Xpose Hope.
I’m so lost for words of appreciation to all of you at Xpose well as the family and friends that have been here along our rough journey It has been hard and discouraging at times, but I know God will get us through and it will be worth all the struggle and stress. I’m just happy God has given us strength and faith without all you guys love and support and our faith in him, I don’t know where we would be.
— Christina, former adult entertainer
You ladies are the amazing ones. You all light up our nights when you stroll through.
— Jesse, club manager
I used to be at another club, and I’m so glad you come into this club, too. You are welcome to chat with our girls, and please let me know how we can help make your time here work for you.
— Club manager