Hit the Easy Button

After our makeover, we had a lot of club managers and dancers chatting with us about the number of volunteers we were able to amass, and how far some of them came to participate.

We had people who were painting, laying carpet, installing moulding, re-laminating the tables, decorating and providing food for the volunteers.  They came from Hillsboro, Portland, Oregon City, Milwaukee, Forest Grove, and Vernonia.  They spent twelve grueling hours creating a makeover so amazing that one caller said she could not believe it was the same room when she showed up for work.

During conversations at the clubs, we were asked why would these people come do this? Simple, to let the folks who work in that club know they are loved by us, that we value them. We wanted them to know that our love is more than words.  We are willing to invest our time, money, and hearts into them as people.  We really care.  We wanted to remind them too, that to God, they are cherished and amazing.  Some dancers know that.  Some don’t.

We were asked “What’s the process for getting in touch with God?”

The process.  Well, that’s an easy question, and a hard question.  But let’s explain it like this:

There was a process.  We separated ourselves from God by sinning… when Eve took that apple and shared it with Adam, the close relationship that God had with humans, it was severed.  No more were we able to walk and talk with God and have that personal connection.  God is holy, and he cannot exist around what is unholy.  Let’s face it, none of us are holy, NONE.  Not even those who may be a bit self-righteous.  None of us are holy or “righteous.”  It says so in the Bible.

But He wanted to be in connection with us, so He decided that the process was too much for humans–impossible, in fact.  Someone had to be sinless to go through the “process”.  So he sent his son to die, and complete that work, that process.

And He then gave us an “EASY BUTTON.”  Basically, you call out to God.  You let Him love you.  You say “God, I’d like to use the sacrifice of Jesus to start over with you.”  That’s the easy button.

It is as easy as saying, “Hey God.”

Prayers aren’t anything in particular.  There are no fancy words you need, or knowledge you need to talk to Him.  Just hit him by saying “Hey, can we talk?”

Sometimes, honestly, I just tell him, “Dad, I’m really pissed off right now.” He gets it.

He’s there to listen.

And He even has answers.

There is no process required from your end.  There is no need to be in a certain job (or out of a certain job), wear a particular style of dress, be giving a certain amount of money, or doing anything special.  In fact, nothing we do can get us that relationship.  Nothing.  Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Because Jesus did it all.

He just wants you to take that gift He has given and hit Him up once in a while for a chat.  Anywhere, anytime.

Hit that easy button, and just chat.