Happy Anniversary!

A year ago, three women set out to do something pretty revolutionary.  Instead of telling people about “church” we would go be the hands of Jesus to those in the adult entertainment industry.  We’d love, and we’d expect nothing in return. 

A year later, we got so much more than we expected.  We got the most wonderful hugs and welcomes.  We got lovely letters, and we even had one manager help us in a makeover (Thanks Dani!) We’ve grown from three to more than twenty volunteers, and we have made a lot of friends.

We know that when we first began visiting, there were a LOT of sideways glances and most of the dancers wondered “What do they want from me?—You don’t get anything for free.”

We hope that when we don’t take the cash that is offered, and we don’t insist you come to church with us or sing hymns that ladies, you know we just really care.  We really just feel like someone should come and say “You were made beautifully and wonderfully, and God has always loved you.  You are his precious daughter.”

If you want to go to church, awesome.  If you want us to do a once-a-month service for strippers, fantastic.  If you get baptized, we’ll celebrate with you.   If you are looking for an industry friendly church—we can help.  But that isn’t what it is about.

We just hope that you’ll know where you can turn when the world is dark, and life isn’t fun.  We hope you know that God has always loved you, and He has always just wanted you to look up and say “Hi, can we talk?”  It’s about a relationship with Jesus, and we hope, one with us.  Because we really do care.

We care that some nights your feet ache, and you’re going to be short on the power bill.  We care that your daughter has a toothache, or that your mom passed away.  We care that you just got your AA degree, and that you hope to be a graphic artist. 

It’s been a year.  Some months, we weren’t sure we’d have enough in the account to buy gifts.  Other months, we struggled with weather, and sometimes we just had a fantastic time having coffee with one of the dancers we’ve met, or painting a dressing room!  What a marvelous, up and down, crazy year.

What’s coming next year?  We hope we’ll have a few more teams to go to more clubs.  We hope to be able to help girls with small needs, and to makeover another dressing room.  We hope that our gifts won’t be lame, and that it won’t rain every time we come to visit, making us look like drowned rats.  But we hope next year, mostly, for more hugs, more coffee meet ups, to just get to know you as people.  And for you to get to know us.

Happy Anniversary to Xpose Hope.  Every wild and crazy volunteer, and every single bouncer, dancer, bartender and club owner we serve.  You are wonderful!  May this relationship last forever!