Making All Things New


This weekend, Xpose Hope will bring volunteers, men, women, young, old, former strippers, prostitutes, pastors, computer geeks, mentors and writers to a local gentlemen’s club.  We come bearing gifts of carpet, paint, decor items, curtains and food.  We will create an Xtreme Xpose Hope Makeover–and the question that people are asking us is:  Why?

Why would you do this?  It seems like a lot of money, effort and time, what do you hope to gain?

Nothing. We hope to gain nothing.  We hope to give. 

We go into the clubs every month, and we bring a message that you are valued, you are cherished, you are loved.  But the place that these folks prepare for work may not make them feel valued or cherished.  There is something about changing your surroundings–it changes your heart and your attitude.  You know that when someone works to provide beauty to you, that they care.  

In order to truly express that Jesus loves them where they are, where they work, we need to provide a solid message that is enduring.  Sometimes God’s word is not taught from the pulpit as well as it is in the streets when you give a hug, some extra cash, or a sandwich.  We don’t believe that Jesus is waiting for strippers, bouncers and DJ’s to quit the business before He will love on them.  We know that He loves them now, while…and He can be there for them when things are dark.  Just as He is for us.

It’s been a dark week for some of us.  We’ve been under severe attack.  Our marriages have been tested, our faith rocked, our hearts broken.  But you know what?  Jesus has loved us while.  We are not crushed.  

Those Xpose Hope serves are not crushed.  They are over-comers.  We know this.  Our gift of a bit of paint merely lets them know we are putting our money and time where our mouths are.  Our love is true.  It’s enduring.  Because only comes through us, not from us.  It comes from someone who loved enough to give all–for each of us.

This song ladies and gentlemen, is for you.  Because you are over-comers.  While, when, during….  We love you!!!