Hurt Road.


This week, I was invited to hear Mark Lee from the group Third Day at a breakfast.  His song, “Hurt Road” really “struck” me.   It seems Mr. Lee and I have something in common.

I’m not musically talented at ALL, so that isn’t it.  But both of us have been hit by trucks.  He was a pedestrian, I was on a bicycle on the 26 near the Banks-Vernonia trail.  I was attempting turn turn left into the restaurant, in the turn lane.  I was struck as I tried to make my turn from a truck behind me.  My body flew up in the air, my bike was trapped under the vehicle.  The driver pinned it to the fence in front of the restaurant.   My friend, now my husband, ran to care for me in the street.  

That accident changed everything for me.  The doctors weren’t sure I’d walk again.  They weren’t sure what my quality of life would be. My left hip disintegrated, my right was broken, my sacrum was broken, I had a five inch gash in my head. I had to learn to walk all over again.  I still have a handicapped pass hanging in my car for those bad days I can barely move.  

The song Hurt Road talks about times when life just hits us hard.   It’s not a truck for most of us, but things can hit us hard.  People we love die, or they leave.  Jobs don’t work out.  The economy can put great housing out of our reach.  We can have a health scare.  Sometimes, all our wishes seem like they are for nothing.  

In the end, all I lost in the accident has been given back–and then some.  The great jobs I was applying for at the time passed me by, but a great organization was born after that–Xpose Hope.  I have met some amazing people who have totally changed my life views.   I have been given an opportunity to serve a community I lived in when I was young.  

Sometimes, we have to walk down Hurt Road.  But this I know.  God has us, and sometimes, his dreams for us are greater than all of our little plans.  If you are ever walking down Hurt Rd and just want to talk, call us.   971-319-4413. 

And for now, here is Mark Lee’s song : Hurt Road

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