Weathering the Storm(y)


O yes, the Bend team and I stopped in to Stars Bend the night that Stormy Daniels was in town.  But, it really wasn’t anything new, although this reporter, who didn’t have time to ask us for the real story, seemed to think we had crawled out of the woodwork yesterday just for this visit.   

However, if the reporter would have asked, these tweets explain why we come.  

You see, this is the life of an adult entertainer.  To be looked down on by some in society, to be judged, to considered to be without value.   

You see, it’s okay  to call, as one person did, people in the field “whores”, because after all, a person without value can be treated as less than.  It’s okay to say she only needs a washrag or treat her as less than human.  

We at Xpose Hope are not okay with that. 

We know that once your name is in the national media, you’re under intense pressure.  You wake up every day with your name being tossed about and most of the reports are less than kind.  When you are in the the national media and you are in the adult entertainment industry, even more so.

But here’s the truth, that all our friends  in the industry understand.  Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie by the way, is a woman.   She was created by God with talents and dreams and abilities.  She’s a daughter…and she’s a mom.  She’s a friend.  She is a human being, and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect just because of that fact. 

Why do people love to hate?  We don’t know.  We don’t really get it.   But it clearly happens.   We don’t have an agenda, and we aren’t trying to get any of those in adult entertainment to join any particular church.   We want them to know they are loved.  Period.   

Many of them know this, but when you wake up each day with your name dragged through the mud…maybe it’s just a good thing to hear.

Welcome to Oregon, Stormy Daniels.   You are loved!

Betty CampbellComment