Betty is a what?

What is an ordination… and why does it matter?

Ordination is a very large word that means someone is being placed in the position of pastor.  That is what happened to the founder of Xpose Hope.  She became a pastor.

Many pastors preach sermons, and lead churches.  But not all pastors have that job. 

There are visitation pastors, and they just visit the sick and the shut-ins.  They bring communion, they pray, they provide companionship.

There are youth pastors, who work with teenagers, and children’s pastors who work with young children. 

Some pastors lead organizations, like Xpose Hope.

But why does Xpose Hope need a pastor? 

Some of the girls we work with need help because they have found themselves in the system.  They are incarcerated or in treatment programs.  They need a friend, a leg up, someone to care.  When a member of our team goes in to see them, if that person is a pastor, she can assist with basic needs items. She can also often have better access to the woman, without affecting her family visitation.

It’s also easier to gain access if a girl has a need like prayer before a surgery, or to assist her in finding social service options when those needs exist. 

Doesn’t that cost a lot?  Hiring a pastor?

It could, and perhaps our organization will be large enough to pay a pastor.  But for now, Betty will be doing the same thing that she has always done, at the same pay….Zero dollars.  This ordination was requested and granted just to serve the folks in the industry better.

Because that is what it is all about…we exist to show love.  Period.  That’s what we do.  We don’t want anything in return.  If you need a friend, that’s what we hope to be.  A hand up when things are difficult.  When life is not fun.  Or someone to rejoice with you during times of success and celebration. 

Some in the industry don’t want that, need that or like it.  But others figure it’s always good to have friends who care. 

So our founder was ordained…she’s a pastor. But she’s still the same person, and we are still the same organization. 

Now, if we could only afford a church “secretary!”  Well, we can dream, can’t we?

Betty CampbellComment