Jesus Loves Strippers

Catches your attention, doesn’t it?  What a great sign!

Yes, there are those who would consider it sacrilegious.  But then again, Xpose Hope isn’t about religion, so we don’t care. 

There are those who would consider it pretty contemptuous, but not us.

Because we think it’s true.  And why do we think that?

Well, let us start with the fact that God is a God of love.  And that’s just what it is about.  Not candle lighting or attendance or wearing a certain type of dress and having a matching purse.

Then, let’s look at that old book that so many like to wave at the adult entertainment venues, as they wag their fingers.   What’s it called?  Oh yeah, the Bible. 

Which by the way, is a love letter.  Yup…it’s about how God reached out his arms and died for us…

So anyway, let’s chat a bit about that big thick book and some of its stories.  See, the Bible is littered with stories of women and men who are “in the industry.”  Yup, in that book they are called prostitutes and eunuchs. 

So one of the first women mentioned is a woman named Gomer.  Gomer was a prostitute, and God told one of his main guys to marry her.  Not just that, he said, “And she’s going to run around on you and she’s going back to the clubs…so you’d better get ready to follow her.  You need to love her all the time, even when she’s not very lovable.  Because that’s how I love you!”


Then there was Rahab.  Rahab was in the industry.  One night, a group of men showed up at her place of business/home, and said “Hide us!”  She was compassionate and she risked her own life to hide the men.  Later, she put a red cord out the window (used back then as a signal that she was “busy” to other customers, to tell the men when it was safe to attack the city.  In exchange for this act, her entire family was spared from the onslaught. 

Not only that.  That woman—she is one of the only women listed in Jesus lineage in the Bible.  No kidding.  It’s the great-great-great-….well several greats back—grandmother of a guy we know today as (you’re going to love this) JESUS. 

Yup.  Jesus’ great-great-great….grandmother was a prostitute.

You get the idea.

Long before we had DJ’s and runways, Jesus loved those in the industry—because that is what he does.  Period.  Really.   He doesn’t care what you do for a living, he just wants to get to know you.  When life is good, he wants to celebrate with you, when it is bad, he wants to hug you.  He’s like us to be nice to one another and take care of each other.  It’s about relationships.  That’s his goal. 

So this club has it right.  Their strippers are loved.  By Jesus and by us.

Anyone who thinks differently, can drop us a line at  We’d love to have THAT conversation.

Betty CampbellComment