Change of Seasons.


The seasonal weather is upon us.  The leaves begin to fall off the trees, and they turn to crimson and gold.   They crunch beneath our feet, and the brisk air reminds us that the only thing that is constant, is change.

One thing that doesn’t change is how those of us at Xpose Hope feel about those in the adult entertainment industry.  We don’t just care in the summer, or when things are easy.  We care all the time.  We care when life is messy, when answers are more difficult and when we can’t offer any solutions.  Sometimes, we can only hold on with our friends and hope for another change of season.

Jesus is like that.   He doesn’t only care when we are doing the right things, or when our lives are totally on track.   He doesn’t care only when we fit into a mold, and he doesn’t only want to have a relationship with us when our makeup is perfect and our outfit on point.  Thankfully, he is truly a friend and he is there in our great days and our terrible days.

We hope to be that type of friend.  We hope that when we take calls where a dancer or bouncer just wants to blow off steam, but we have no good answers –that we can provide a compassionate ear.  We hope that when things are wonderful–when you land that modeling gig or your daughter graduates high school, we can say “congratulations” and you’ll know we are genuinely happy for your happiness.

Because even in the change…we are here.  With or without a spice pumpkin latte….

Betty CampbellComment